Past Projects

Structural Steel Buildings

IRONFAB, LLC specializes in structural steel buildings. In addition to structural steel, IRONFAB, LLC. is your source for decking, railing, and all other metal products.

Nitrogen Tank Enclosure

This enclosure is comprised of a galvanized steel tube frame and aluminum louvers. It was fabricated and then installed at the The Ohio State University in 2014.

Steel Catwalk and Railing

This catwalk and rail project added the finishing touches to the Hofbrauhaus in Grandview (Columbus, Ohio). In addition to the catwalk and rails IRONFAB, LLC. fabricated and erected the stuctural steel on this project.

Iron Gate Restoration Project

This iron gate was disassembled, transported to our facility, restored and reinstalled on the Capital University campus (Columbus, Ohio) in 2014.

Architectural Steel Projects

IRONFAB, LLC is accustomed to building highly detailed architecturally challenging projects with multiple angles and sophisticated geometry.

Custom Metal Projects

IRONFAB, LLC team members have designed and built many custom metal projects. We have fabricated conference tables, spiral stairs, custom railings and catwalks just to name a few. The image shown here highlights the level of detail of a custom hostess station.

The Fabrication Shop

IRONFAB, LLC operates a well equipped, modern fabrication shop Columbus, Ohio. Experienced welders and fabricators work in a clean, organized atmosphere.